Burlington Bathroom Vanities

Burlington Bathroom Vanities

Burlington Bathroom Vanities

In need of the best quality bathroom vanities? Vanity Sense specializes in premium cabinets and vanities of the best qualities. Our team comprises highly experienced and knowledgeable salespersons who can help you to pick suitable Burlington bathroom vanities for your home.

We have a large showroom filled with vanities of various types, sizes and designs including Oakville bathroom vanities and Aurora bathroom/ new market vanities. Our products are created to meet the highest quality and the standard approved for Canada.

Browse through our huge collection of vanities from traditional and modern to exotic products and even single or double vanities to choose the best cabinet for you. Our home delivery service will get the product to your door anywhere in Canada.


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Why Choose Burlington Vanities

At Vanity Sense, we prioritize quality, value and delivery. Here are some reasons why you might choose us.

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  • High quality Burlington bathroom vanities.
  • Very affordable Oakland bathroom vanities.
  • Quality Toronto vanities and cabinets at highly competitive prices.
  • Home delivery and fast shipping to any part of Canada for all aurora bathroom/ new market vanities.
  • Widest collection of the best types and designs of Burlington bathroom vanities including traditional and modern ones.
  • Well-customized aurora bathroom/ new market vanities suitable for various bathroom designs and sizes.
  • Consult highly experienced and professional Burlington bathroom vanities at affordable cost.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable salespeople and customer service.
  • A lot of discounts on quality Oakville bathroom vanities.

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Plan Ahead!

When choosing Burlington bathroom vanities, care must be taken to choose suitable product that matches the design, size and style of your home. The size and design of the vanity matters a lot. When considering size, you need to evaluate the traffic flow, plumbing location, existing features, and height of the vanity. Here are some things to consider when choosing Burlington bathroom vanities based on size.

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Traffic flow:

Rather than clumping up your bathroom, you can go for aurora bathroom/new market vanities with enough space to allow for opening and closing of drawers. You should be able to move things around the bathroom even after installing the Burlington bathroom vanities.

Plumbing location:

What should be the size of your Burlington bathroom vanities? To determine the size, you should consider the dimension and structure of your home. If you are remodeling your home, it could be better to go with the same layout and size of your current Burlington bathroom vanities to avoid plumbing relocation issues.

Existing features:

A great way to save cost on bathroom vanities is by reusing existing features. You could reuse features like mirrors, switches, decorative trims etc.


Burlington bathroom vanities in old houses have a size range of 30 to 32 inches. But due to general the increase in people’s height, Oakville bathroom vanities in most modern houses may be up to 36 inches high. However, if the aurora bathroom/ new market vanities are created for children, they may be just about 32 inches high.

Types and Designs

Burlington bathroom vanities usually serve ornamental purposes. To achieve your desired beautification, you can go for suitable design and type of bathroom vanity. We have various sizes, types and designs of bathroom vanities in our showroom. Moreover, our expert salespeople can help you to choose the most suitable design for your home.

Floating vanities:

Also known as wall-mount vanities, floating Burlington bathroom vanities can be easily mounted on a wall. Due to their modern appeal, this type of Burlington bathroom vanities has become increasingly popular in the recent years. They are suitable for small bathrooms; their designs will make the bathroom feel larger.

Freestanding vanities:

This is a very common type of bathroom vanity with several styles, designs and types. Freestanding Oakville bathroom vanities occur in various designs such as console tables and decorative cabinets.

Corner vanities:

Corner vanities are designed to be placed at a corner of your bathroom. They occupy a small space and therefore leave enough room for other items in the bathroom.

We deal on the best types and designs of bathroom vanities. Whether you want freestanding vanities, corner vanities or floating vanities, feel free to browse through our huge collection of products to choose the most suitable one for your home.

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Is it okay to place Burlington bathroom vanities on the wall?

Some vanities are designed to be placed on a wall. Wall-mount vanities fall into this category. However, when placing the cabinet on a wall, you need to make sure that there is enough space for that.

What is the appropriate width of a makeup vanity?

Although a makeup vanity can assume any width, the standard width is within the range of 30 to 36 inches.

What is the most popular color for bathroom vanities?

Most vanities are painted white but other colors like gray and ebony are also popular.

What is the best height for an Oakville bathroom vanity?

If you purchased Burlington bathroom vanities in the 80’s the standard height is probably 30 to 32 inches. However, modern vanities should be up 36 inches high