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Toronto Vanity

Toronto Vanity

As a locally-owned and operated vanity store, Vanity Sense has some of the best-in-class Toronto Vanity. Our showroom is filled with all kinds of vanities, including Toronto custom vanities, modern and contemporary cabinets.


Vanity Sense prioritizes quality and value in all of its products and services. This is why each product is created with first-class materials and the highest standard.  With such a huge collection of Toronto Vanity and cabinets, it’s easy for customers to become confused when choosing a product. However, our friendly and knowledgeable salespersons are always available to assist you in choosing the most suitable Toronto Vanity.


With some of the best customer service available in Toronto, we maintain a customer-first philosophy. Changing your cabinets and bathroom décor has never been easier and you can take advantage of the home delivery service across Canada.

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Why Choose Vanity Sense

Vanity Sense is dedicated to quality, value, and high-standard. Not yet convinced? Here are the top reasons why you might choose us.


  • Best quality Toronto custom vanities.
  • Quality Toronto Vanity and cabinets at highly competitive prices.
  • The fastest shipping service and lead-time in Toronto.
  • The widest selection of vanities of all styles and types: modern, traditional, and custom vanities.
  • Customize your vanities to suit your bathroom and design style.
  • Get professional  design services at zero cost.
  • 24/7 friendly and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Huge discounts on high-quality Toronto Vanity.

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Things to Consider

Choosing a  is a very important decision that could completely transform your home. You probably need to consider the size, style, and design of the vanity before hitting the market.

There are a few things to consider when choosing Toronto custom vanities based on size.


Traffic flow:

You don’t want everything in your room to be clumped up, do you? You need enough space to open and close the drawers and also to move things around in your home.

Plumbing relocation:

Most people would prefer to stick with the same size and layout of their Toronto Vanity and cabinets even if they are remodeling their bathroom. The reason for this is to avoid plumbing relocation, which is usually a big problem in bathroom remodeling.

Existing features:

You could save a great deal of cost by considering already available features. For instance, you could reuse decorative trim, mirrors, and even switches.


Believe it or not, people are getting taller and Toronto Vanity manufacturers have to put this into consideration when making vanities. The standard size for Toronto Vanity and cabinets has increased from 32 inches to 36 inches to accommodate the increase in people’s height. This could be reduced to 32 inches if it’s designed for children.

Types and Designs

If you care about interior decoration, you should consider the types and designs of the vanity before making a purchase. Thankfully, we have hundreds of designs and types of custom cabinets in our showroom and you can choose the most suitable one for your space. Here are some important things to consider.

Floating vanities:

Also known as wall-mount vanities, floating Toronto Vanity can be mounted directly to the wall. The design has recently increased in popularity, thanks to its modern appeal. This is the most suitable vanity for a small bathroom as its design helps to make a bathroom feel bigger.

Freestanding vanities:

Although this type of vanity is very common, it has a variety of finishes and styles. Nowadays, the most common of its style is the decorative cabinets and console tables.

Corner vanities:

Like floating vanities, corner vanities are suitable for small spaces. They sit at the corner and provide enough space for the bathroom.

Our showroom comprises these and many other high-quality Toronto Vanity and cabinets. If you need a custom design, feel free to talk with our in-house designer to create trendy and modern Toronto custom vanities.

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Should bathroom vanity go wall?

Freestanding Toronto Vanity could be mounted on a wall. However, you should make sure that the vanity has high quality and the available space should be conducive or suitable for such vanity.

How wide should a makeup vanity be?

On average, a makeup vanity should have a width of 30 to 36 inches and a height of 30 inches. If you want to add an extra drawer to the , you will probably add more width.

What is the best material for bathroom vanity?

The most suitable materials for bathroom vanities include granite, quartz, solid surface materials, marble, and concrete.

Is marble suitable for bathroom vanity?

Yes. Polished marbles are nearly stain-proof and so they are suitable for bathroom Toronto Vanity.