Quartz vs Marble: Which is Best?
Quartz vs Marble: Which is Best?

Now, both stones are unique in their own respect – between price, durability, pattern consistency, and on-going maintenance, there are things to keep in mind before choosing a countertop for your bathroom vanity.
• Is it a powder room or ensuite bathroom?
• Who will be using the bathroom?
• Will the bathroom be taken care of? I.e. will excess water be cleaned up after, will make-up products be used often?
• Are you trying to be cost-effective?
• Do you want a unique piece?

Performance Aspects

Altogether, quartz is the most durable of the two, it is very tough to stain, scratch, damage, or break. Quartz is also more heat resistant and maintenance free, just wipe it down with any non-abrasive cleaner and it’ll be clean, whereas marble does need to be treated and resealed. We also have the perfect quartz cleaner that we sell in our showroom, check it out here.


Since quartz is a man-made stone and produced in a factory, it can resemble a marble look, but with much more of a uniform design than marble.
You are much more limited with marble options, whereas the quartz color and pattern options are endless.
Marble is much more of an unforgiving stone, it will gently patina over time, and show scratches and etch.

So, what’s the conclusion?

• Quartz is more durable of the two, as it is man-made and marble is not
• Marble isn’t as easy to maintain as quartz
• Quartz will have many more color and pattern options than marble
• Marble will patina over time, and show its age in the stone
• Quartz will have much more consistent and uniform patterns, where marble is more unique
• Marble costs about 25% more than quartz
• Quartz is a much better choice for busy families that have kids, based on overall durability and maintenance required

Now, if you really like the overall look of marble, we have some countertops that look very similar!

If I’ve helped you make your decision, it might be time to check out our vanity collections which include a custom cut quartz countertop of your choice.

View vanity collections here.

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